LS Custom Kite Accessories is a small home based company making high quality accessories for the discerning sport kite flier

I make custom kite accessories in a small home machine shop in Spanaway Washington. This all started with the idea to make a kite stake with a large marble to replace a golf ball kite stake I all ready had. People I showed this prototype to liked it so much, they asked me to make them one. This has turned into a small business that can have me very busy in my home shop. All my kite stakes are made with stainless steel rod and weather proof materials. Each Marble Kite Stake is unique, each marble is different, no two are exactly the same. I also make holsters to hold the kite stake on your hip as you fly your kite. Each holster is sewn by hand by myself in my own living room. Come back often, I hope to have more exciting new products in the comming months!
What is a kite stake for? It is used to "stake down" the handles of your sport kite while setting up, breaking down, or making adjustments to your multi-line sport or traction kite. It will keep the handles in one spot, making setting up easier, and can keep your kite from self launching and becoming a hazard to you and others around you.
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Closeup photo of the new Mini Marble Kitestakes